Friday, May 14, 2004

Early this morning, as I was on the computer, Maryah talked to me
but still would not get close.

All of a sudden, a few minutes ago, she not only let me pet her
but she began to smooth on my legs! This is *the closest* she
has ever been to my body except that first day we adopted her,
when I held her. She did this several times, and seemed to
really like being told "good girl!"

Now it looks as if her "trauma" not only was temporary, but also
short-lived. I am sooooo relieved!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004:
For the first time, though fleetingly, Maryah allowed me to pet
her in the livingroom. Nearly all petting kitty time is in the
office as I sit in my office chair. That is what she is used to.
She very slowly keeps on expanding her level of trust. She has
also grown since we adopted her March 10th.
This morning, Maryah let me pet her several times while I was in
the small bathroom. Then once, more shyly, in our bedroom.
She's branching out. Just now pawed on my leg. I think she is
close to getting on my lap PURRhaps?? I hope so.

from Jim
Maryah update

Maryah talked to me this morning while I was tying my shoes and inched closer to let me rub behind her neck, but was still kind of stiff. Then she did
it again a little closer and a little less stiff. And then again. And again. Each time a little more relaxed. I think she might have even let me pick
her up; I know she watches me hold Jaspur and sees how relaxed he gets.

Mieouw and aily.

Jim Merryfield
Senior Programmer-Analyst
Premera Blue Cross
(Rick was working enclosing our back porch so the kitties could go out there with us and not get clear outside. I am sure the noise really frightened Maryah.)
Sad meow. Maryah talks to me but will not come near me; will not
let me pet her. Don't know why. Maybe she's going to choose you
over me? Don't know if all the noise back here scared her or
what? She was around quite a bit Monday but not at all
yesterday. She and Mickens are in here now. Mickens really
doesn't want her to be petted by me so maybe he has influenced
this seeming set-back. aily


Maryah let me pet her lots of times in the middle of the night.
She even pawed my leg like she might get on my lap. Talked to me
a lot, too. Maybe she just needed to sleep the noisy days off
ps:Because she was pawing my leg, I thought PURRhaps she would allow me to pick her up--I long to do so. I picked her up but she yowled, flailed and I got a few more claw marks. However, she came back over immediately to allow me to pet her. Maryah on the floor; me sitting in my office chair. This seems to be the best way for us right now.
Since we have been leaving the back door open kitty-width, I have not been able to pet Maryah much. She says hi to me but finally, tonight, she did let me pet her some.

Part of the problem has been that Jaspur has been lying on the furry blanket-over-box near my office chair. I think he is jealous, too, as Mikey seems to be, and evidently Maryah fears their possible wrath???

I tell her repeatedly that she lives here now; is part of our family and she can come to visit me any time she wants to. Don't let the other kitties stop you.

I remind Jaspur not to hurt Maryah; not to scare her or keep her from being petted by me.

They will determine much of how this whole relationship thing plays out. Four cats; two humans; lots of different relationships among us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The taming of Maryah's progress was more than two paw steps back
for her today.

We had not had a good cleaning of our house since--ew, you might
not want to say you know of me--before Thanksgiving. The person
who was helping us, who lives really far south, is pregnant with
her second child, and having trouble, as she did with her first.

Jim could leave the mess everyday but I could not. The kitties
seemed not to notice; in fact, they added to it--especially
Garbage Girl Gabrielle, who loves wadded napkins, shredded paper,
and, well, dirty undies, lol.

We found a more professional service who helped us today. I
usually shy away from them because they are more into working for
rich people and coming in, flitting their feather duster around a
few times--if a cat doesn't catch it--and get paid. In fact, two
such "yuppie duster" companies came in, back in NE, and refused
to help us.

This Mom and son worked relly hard and did a really good job,
except that they use cleaning products that upset my sistem. I
had windows opened and a fan going. Mickens sneezed a couple
times. That stuff must be near-death to little kitty noses and

Well, the place is clean. I have no idea where much of my stuff
is except for a few things I threw into a bag and crammed in the
refrigerator so I'd know where they were later--not all needed
refrigeration lol. They said my husband could help me find
things later. I said he would have less of an idea where
anything was than I do. If anyone does finally find anything
around here it's Jaspur or me.

There was this weird silence after they left. The guys--Jaspur
and Mikey--were around, in fact, Mikey wanted to be held several
times while the cleaning team was here.

But the girls were gone! I figured Gabbie was under the bed, but
she didn't show for 4 or 5 hours. When Jim got home, he could
not find Maryah. That cleaning frenzy of a tornado probably
turned her into a kitty-shaped tornado--gone! We hoped she had
not escaped from the front door; PURRhaps she was too much of a
skitty kitty to even try that.

Suppertime usually brings all 4 of them out. Still no Maryah.
So much for my careful, patient, daily, nightly, urging her
closer, singing to her, playing with her from such a distance I
almost fall out of my chair. The trust that absolutely *no one
else* could encourage in her--that's why we ended up with her;
Janet really believed we were the only ones who could even
attempt to tame Maryah--was it all gone?

I felt sad. All that connection and communication and she was

Still feeling exhausted, I caught a cat-nap and when Jim came
back with sandwiches he happily informed me that he saw all of
Gabbie emerge from under the bed, plus a black tail and little
white feet under there! Maryah was still here!

She has been more hesitant tonight, further away, and definitely
had a setback, however, she talked to me, stayed in the office
with me, and, in fact, I believe she is still in here somewhere.

PURRhaps when she notices that the others are pretty much back to
normal, though the smells are different and Mickens will need to
retrieve a few cat toys from their toybox, things might be "safe"
again--if she has that idea in her kitty mind. I hope she does!
I do!
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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Kitty called Farrah we adopted March 10, 2004, from the Cat Clinic in Canyon Park, Bothell, WA. Found her through Janet.
----- Original Message -----
From: "lauren" <
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2004 2:50 AM
Subject: new kitty has a name

Sweetie, Kitty-Kitty has a new name; she kind of says it:
Maryah, like, Mariah with a Y. Jaws says Mary *ah* with the
accen on the ah. Guess I'll have to tell him how to say it.
in, they call the wind (cat) Maryah. She really does almost
it; so cute!

Hard for me to hold her though, because she has not learn the
catly art of comming when called. Other kitties will show up,
butnot her. She'll meow, so I know she's around, but I guess
getting to hold her last night was lucky because she was behind
the toilet and stayed there so I was able to pick her up. All
them seem to be doing fine; playing a lot.
Laurie, Jim, Jaspur, Mikey Gabrielle and Maryah

to felinelovers group
Long time no hear again.

I'm sorry to hear about Snowball. What did he/she die of? And
sorry, if I've missed any others since my last post.

When I was in school, one of the stories assigned to us was
entitled "Cat in the rain." My sister and I both thought that
was such a cool title, but don't remember what the story was
about at all.

There was a book in our library, too with an intriguing title to
my sister and me (we were cat people from way back.) It was
called "At night all cats are grey." Jim says this is true
except for black cats, lol.

Speaking of black cats, well, given the reactions we've gotten so
far, I'm almost afraid to tell.

There was a kitty at the Cat Clinic who had been in two home
situations that didn't work out for her and she ended up in a
foster home. The firsthome had a five-year-old boy and the kitty
had diarrhea, so they brought her back. I can relate, lol.

The next home had an older boy who paid very little attention to
her so she just hid, and they brought her back.

Well, Janet, who is one of the workers at the Cat Clinic, knowing
how good we are with cats, contacted us, saying she had the
perfect kitty for us, would we consider taking her? She is
around nine months old, 7 pounds. She's all black except a
tuxedo look on her front and a thinner white stripe underneath,
and white feet! Her fur is really soft, but not as long as
Mikey's. She has two distinctive meows which we've learned to
recognize immediately. Thing is, so have the others, lol. That
Jaspur, he amazes me; he imitated her just within a short time
after we brought her home, and this confused me and I am sure he
got a kick out of that.

She also has a rolling meow she uses as she skitters past. Mikey
has learned this one and has confused me on occasion.

Twice, not once, but *twice*, all three of our kitties have been
in the bathroom where the new kitty began, and then she would
meow, too, and I'd be hunting all over for her. Turns out, she
was meowing under the door! Those naughty kitties! Our three
know I can't see, but the new one doesn't unless they've clued
her in. They have adapted so well to this that I rarely think
about it. But woldn't you know! We bring in a youthful one and
they all get on the naughty side.

They had mixed feelings at first, but I, who knew it could take
up to 2 weeks for an adjustment, saw them working on resolving
their issues immediately; within a couple days. Today, Sunday,
well it's really Monday now, our 3 have gotten back to their
usual behaviors, and they have all four figured out their own
arrangements with the catboxes and food and water.

At first, Jaspur and the new kitty had words, hisses and Mickens
growled, but when they all understood Jaspur was still the
suPURRvisor of all, things all fell into place.

Janet knew that though she (the kitty)was leary of humans, she
would probably do well in a multi-cat home. She was correct.
They're doing great!

I haven't been able to hold her only a couple times since we
brought her home, her being such a skitty kitty, but she does
meow at me as she comes a few feet from me, or as she flits by.

We don't know where she sleeps; she hides. But each day, she has
come out to join us more and more and though watching from a
distance, she is observing and catching on to our way of life

She almost says her name, so we officially named her on Saturday.
She had already responded to Sweetie and Kitty-Kitty, and I think
they all are realizing who Maryah (Mariah with a Y) is, since it
quite resembles her main meow. It is sooo cute. The more
emphatic she is about something, the higher the "ry or ree" sound
goes! Too cute!!!

Well, of course my Mom had to find negative things to say about
it and Jim seemed luke warm. He knows that I'd take any kitty
offered us, and he would feel better if I emphatically said that
four was our limit, lol.



Oh no! you didn't get kitty updates? Boy! Something seems to
be eating emails now and then or stuff and such and everything.
(Hope I didn't accidentally send to your old address, lol)

Anyway, it's a long story of a kitty who was in a family with a
five-year-old boy and that gave her diarrhea (I can relate, lol)
and then the next home was with an older boy who ignored her and
she just hid, so they brought her back.

Janet, from the cat clinic, realized that though she (kitty) was leary of
humans, she really liked being with other cats. So, after the
kitty was put in a foster home to try to calm her down, we met
her last Wednesday, and they were really hopeful that she could
be placed with us. Someone who actually trusts my kitty care,

Anyway, we couldnt' say no to such a cutie! She weighs 7 pounds,
is black except a tuxedo look in front and a thin white stripe
down her middle and then white feet! Black tail, too, with a
little of a crook in the end.

She has two meows she uses a lot. One, when she is being a
skitty kitty, is that rolly meow like Dub used when he'd skitter
past us, not close enough for us to touch him. The other one is
so cute, it is much like Mar-eeeee-ah but Maryah is her name,
since she seems more like a Mariah than a Maria, lol. The more
emphatic she is, the higher the eeeee part of it goes and the
louder the eeee part of it is. It is so funny and so cute!

She doesn't bite or scratch, and the kitties are getting along
just fine, and they've been wiiiiiiild and more playful with her
here. But I don't know when I'll get to touch her again. She
definitely has a wild streak!

She does meow at me as she goes by and follows me around and
flits around on my computer desk (where kitties are not supposed
to be) but she is so fast!!!!!

Sorry you didn't get the updates about her. I never know when
people don't get stuff anymore. Jim wasn't getting my emails
this morning and then all of a sudden, they came in so he let me
know. They're probably being PURRused between here and there or
something, who knows. Norton might be doing something weird,
too, since I upgraded it, and have had more trouble ever since.

Well, better go.
Hope you guys are okay; wonder what you're up to.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Barbara Loos" <

To: "lauren" <

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: new kitty has a name

My word! When did the new kitty thing happen? You are weird!
everywhere! Oooo. I bet it sounds gemmy! What color is she and
stuff and
such and everything?




Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 23:45:24 -0800
From: "lauren M" <
Now that we've named our newest kitty Maryah (Mariah with a Y)
because that's kind of how she meows, I'm wondering if we should
have named her Heidi?

I have not been able to pet or hold her since Friday. She is a
skitty kitty (I wrote that to my daughter, and, at first she
thought the K was an H, lol)

She does this rolly meow as she flits past, like one of our
kitties did when I was young. He would do that and get closer
and closer, and finally, he got close enough my sister and I
could pet him. We called him Dub. That was short for W.K. which
was short for Wild Kitty! Maryah really reminds me of him.

The kitties are all doing fine with our new addition; I just wish
I could hold her again! I wonder if I ever will???

She does hang around near me but always within skitting distance,

I have not tried the going-into-the-bathroom-to-find-her routine
any more since these guys got the best of me anyway, not once but
*twice*! The 3 were in the bathroom and Maryah was meowing under
the door, so I thought she was hiding in there, too, and I think
if those kitties could laugh, they would have on both occasions!

I don't feel quite as embarrassed now because Jim tried to shut
the door when Maryah headed for the bathroom, and he wasn't fast
enough either.

Well, just hope we don't have any medical emergencies with her.
Don't know who we'd call to capture her.

Mickens was on my lap, barely purring, but he was obviously non
content. The end of his long, fluffy tail was wagging, (not a
good sign in kitties) and his head was turned toward where Maryah
was sharpening her claws on a box. Mikey and Jaspur, in
particular, keep close watch on her.

Gabbie seems surprisingly okay about it all. I remember when we
first got her and she named herself by being a Gabby Girl, she
was prone to hiding under the bed, which really works around
here. Jim and I don't go there, literally, lol.

Probably in a few more days I will resign myself to the fact that
we did a good thing by rescuing/adopting Maryah, and feeling good
that her basic needs are being met. So much for one of mine not
being met, but I can handle it. I just love holding kitties,
though! Mikey really is the only one who actually jumps up onto
me for some love time. One out of four??? Well....

Subject: Maryah
I started trying the kitty treats method, and guess what? The
other three, who come to me anyway, kept showing up, but no
Maryah, lol.

Jim said tonight that he has noticed that she's watching and
listening more. She has been hanging around in the same room
with us, which is a step in the right direction. She talks to me
as she skits by! She's observed my paying a lot of attention to
the other kitties. I hope she realizes she could get this
attention, too, if she'd just allow it. She is such a cutie!


(note to Janet from the Cat Clinic)
Things are progressing with Maryah. She is hanging around us and
the other kitties a lot now; not taking off and hiding for hours
at a time as she did.

She is coming closer, and I touched her whiskers this morning.
When I took a nap, she was on the bottom of the bed, next to
Mikey, our dark tabby kitty. She shows up at canned food time,
hanging around under the table; getting her food after the others
have had theirs. So she seems to be eating, drinking and using
the catbox just fine.

Jim said, too, that she is watching what's going on a lot more
now; the interaction between us and the other kitties.

I've tried the usual ways to try to get her to come to me, like a
toy or treats, but you probably can guess what happens, lol.
Other kitties show up!

Well, anyway, we wanted to give you an update for this week.
Sweet kitty seems to be doing fine so far, as long as we don't
need to catch her for medical reasons. That could get

We'll just keep giving her more time to work things out on her
kitty-cat terms.
Lauren, Jim, Jaspur, Mikey, Gabrielle and Maryah (formerly



Monday, March 22, 2004 3:50 AM

I don't know what came over her, but just a little bit ago,
Maryah came up, talked to me, and when I put my hand down, she
smoothed and let me pet her over and over and she was purring,
too! Don't know yet whether she was reeeeeally wanting something
or if she has finally crossed that threshold to trust me. She
was so cute and sweet!
-- John F. Kennedy
Monday, March 22, 2004 4:53 AM
that little sweetie has been getting up on that furry thing,
enough that she made a cute little dent in it. But when I turn
around, there her goes like her thinks her not supposed to be
there. I tell her it's okay to be there.

Someone must have really scared that poorlittle thing. Such a

I think she felt bad about scratching me and startling me. I'm
sure I looked it, lol.

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Meow. (Mikey) Gabrielle and I still have all of our claws, and we make this well evident by our scratching the couch. Our humans are not fond of this, but they love us more than the furniture. They say furniture can be replaced; cats cannot be replaced.
Our humans used to think it was okay to have front claws removed as Jaspur had done when he was a kitten. Now they want us to keep ours because having them removed is like taking off a first knuckle, plus it leaves us vulnerable if we accidentally get outside.

We are indoor cats, though Jaspur keeps trying to get out. I literally get on his back to "encourage" him not to go out and sometimes this works.

Our humans tell us that indoor kitties live at least twice as long as outdoor cats, unforeseen circumstances notwithstanding.

Our Dad human brought home one of those yo yo water balls but Mom human immediately said "no! those are not cat-safe." REOW; here we thought we were getting away with something. We thought all cat toys were "cat safe." Mom says no. Humans need to be careful about cat toys just as they are with human toys. Just because they're sold doesn't mean they're safe.

Well, enough for today.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I set this up over a month ago and so much of life has happened, I just didn't get back to it.

I had thought I would introduce the cats, Jaspur, Mikey and Gabrielle, but PURRhaps they will introduce themselves eventually.

I edit and publish CATLINES, found at:
for cat-loving home-business PURRSons, though some of our members are only cat-lovers. I sell kitty jewelry at:
and have been selling on Ebay but this weekend I am burned out. First no one bought a thing, then one week a bunch of orders came in and some items were here at home and some needed to be drop-shipped and my husband had spent most of three weeks in the hospital, and I just could *not* get these cats to help!

Well, actually they did help--immensely! They were the best company for me while Jim recuperated.

The day I created my CATAblog, I wanted to write to someone, just to find other cat-lovers out there, but with the life-and-death nature of my husband's illness, I actually forgot all about it, until the other day when one of the newsletter editors with whom I am familiar by name anyway, mentioned how blogging had been helpful for him and his ezine (online or Internet newsletter) also.

Halloween seems to be the rage for many people now. Not me. I remember taking my daughter around when she was quite young, the brown and yellow leaves crackling under our feet, waiting for her to shyly hmm shily tiptoe up to the doors of neighbors who didn't know us and say "twick o' tweat," and "thank you." Things seemed so innocent back then. Now she is far away almost ready to graduate from college and we are not as close as we were Halloweens ago. Sad.

Guess I''ll go now. Catly. (Meowheart on Ebay)

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